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Cultural Activities
(48 hours Pre-booking is required)

•Chinese Tea Ceremony
The Chinese tea ceremony is an intoxicating experience , a way of relaxing the mind, focusing mental energy, social bonding and enjoyment. It's about art, elegance and harmony. The purpose of the tea ceremony is to produce the finest and most aromatic brew from highest quality jn changes over many infusions. All this is done with an artistry of skill, knowledge and movement by the tea master. You will also be introduce to the varieties of tea, preparation and storage of tea. Duration : 1 hour Price: Please contact us.

Chinese Tea

•Rejuvenation package
Total relaxation and rejuvenation with - 1.5 Hours of Taichi – the ancient art that uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of today's busy lifestyles and improve health. Taichi includes rhythmic patterns of movements that are coordinated with breathing to help you achieve a sense of inner calm. Most forms of Taichi are gentle and suitable for everyone.

Taichi Package

•Chinese massage (2x1 hr)- rejuvenates the body and mind by providing pain relief, relaxation and promotes a sense of total well-being. It is said, the principle behind this technique is the fact that, an imbalance in the energies of our bodies, and in the pathways in which they flow, leads to stress, illnesses and certain diseases. These diseases can be cured if the normal and natural flow of these energies is restored. Chinese massage is a natural and harmless to achieve that.


•Chinese Calligraphy – An ancient art.
Chinese Calligraphy conveys moral integrity, character, emotions and the joy of beauty Learn about Chinese characters and how to write with brushes.

•Chinese Calligraphy
conveys moral integrity, character, emotions and the joy of beauty Learn about Chinese characters and how to write with brushes.


•Ultimate Emperor/Empress Weekend Getaway

Why not pamper yourself like an emperor and empress with our special package including a welcome ceremony in traditional costume by a Chinese lady in Qing costumes, performing a Chinese tea ceremony.

Ultimate Chinese Getaway

You will be entertained with classical piano music on the Steinway grand piano and Chinese music on the traditional Chinese instrument, Guzheng.

Ultimate Chinese Getaway

To fully immerse yourself in this experience you will be dressed up as an Emperor and Empress with traditional imperial costumes. A 2 x 1 hour Chinese massage and a Taichi lesson of 1.5 hour duration are also included with the 2 nights stay, together with 2 Western or Chinese breakfasts, morning and afternoon teas, 1 lunch and 2 dinner banquets.

Ultimate Chinese Getaway


•Chinese Wedding Ceremony
We can help you plan for your big event. We can organise horse-drawn carriage to the 5 - way lookout. The bride can then sit inside the traditional Chinese Wedding carriage and be carried in the traditional way by 4 men to the Chinese Pavilion (ouside) or the Main Lounge (inside) the retreat for the wedding ceremony. Includes wedding celebrant and traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony.

All enquiries please contact Anna 0433150294

Ultimate Chinese Getaway


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(including Western or Chinese breakfast)

  • Emperor Suite: From $395

  • Empress Suite: From $350

  • Concubine Suite: From $250

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Cultural Activities Price Guide
  1. Massage – 2x1 hr - $105 per hour ,$210 for 2 people
  2. Taichi lesson - $105 per hour
  3. Welcome by Lady in Qing Dynasty costume, Chinese tea ceremony ,
    professional Guzheng performance while enjoying afternoon tea - $220
  4. As above but dressed up in silk Emperor and Empress costume for photo - $280
  5. Chinese 8 course dinner - $200 per couple $250 with one bottle of wine
  6. Chinese lunch- $150 per couple $200 with wine

Please contact us for any special promotions.

Ultimate Emperor/Empress Getaway (2 nights stay) $2250 per couple.
Deposit: Full payment required for booking

Cancellation terms:
–Booking cancelled 14 days prior is liable for the full amount of booking. No refund.
–Booking cancelled within 30 days of arrival will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount of the booking.
– Booking cancelled after 30 days of arrival can be rebooked for a later date with no penalty, otherwise 50% of the amount of booking applied.

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